Sportsman’s Park Facilities Temporarily Close for Remediation, Site Improvements

Submitted by the Naperville Park District 

Phase II of the Sportsman’s Park site remediation was set to get underway this past week, requiring the temporary closure of the Sportsman’s Park Community Clubhouse and Trapshooting Range.  

The facilities are expected to reopen in late fall of 2014.

The Sportsman’s Park remediation project will include excavation, treatment, removal, and replenishment of the soil within the affected area, which is approximately 17 acres. 

This area is shown on the attached Phase II Remediation Restoration Site Plan as bounded by a red line and labeled as “Limits of Work.”

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) approved the Remedial Action Plan for Phase II of the Sportsman’s Park site remediation, allowing the Naperville Park District to continue working toward the goal of obtaining ano further remediation letter for the entire site, an effort supported by the City of Naperville as property owner.  

The Naperville Park District operates and maintains the park under a lease agreement with the City.

Following the remediation, the Park District will improve the park through restoration of the natural areas and addition of new walking paths that will allow the public to enjoy more of this unique park.  

Additional site improvements will include a paved access drive and parking lot, new ADA accessible walkways and trapshooting stations, improvements to the Clubhouse and the replacement of trap field lighting.  

These park improvements will be funded, in part, by a Special Events and Cultural Amenities (SECA) grant from the City of Naperville.

Information regarding the remediation of Sportsman’s Park is available at the Naperville Park District’s website.


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