Sobkowicz Requires Written Approval for Spending

Washington Township's mayor said she wants to avoid going over budget and rebuild the surplus.

Washington Township Mayor Janet Sobkowicz is requiring all requests for purchases to have her written approval, as of 12:01 a.m. June 12.

Sobkowicz said she was concerned about spending that was running higher this year than last year. She also said the township needs to be ready in case there are more storms like Hurricane Irene and the snowstorm last October which had expensive clean-ups.

"I want to watch it more carefully," Sobkowicz said about spending. "I thought it was best to start now."

At the council meeting Monday, Sobkowicz said she would not authorize township engineer Paul Azzolina to do an in-depth study of roads that need to be repaved. Councilman Fred Goetz expressed frustration about the mayor blocking the council's decisions.

The general engineering budget, from which Azzolina is paid, has already been used several times this year for his work on , Sobkowicz said.

Azzolina, who attended Monday's meeting, said he was already familiar with some of the areas that need to be repaved and suggested a particularly bad portion of Sussex Road be made a priority.

Council members were also frustrated by Sobkowicz at their previous meeting, when they voted in favor of pursuing a contract with Bergen County for shared dispatching, but .

"If the governing body wants to go with it, you should go with it," Council Vice President Joseph D'Urso said at that meeting.

Sobkowicz told Patch Tuesday she still would not agree to use the county's dispatching service.

"It's not on the table," Sobkowicz said

By reviewing purchases before they are made, Sobkowicz said she hopes to strengthen the township's surplus. The anticipated surplus for 2012 was down $200,000 from 2011.

"If you don't have any money in the surplus, you can't build it up," Sobkowicz said.

Jeffrey Tammen June 16, 2012 at 04:46 PM
The problem with this town is the mayor and council are used to doing thing half ass.you must have a ten year plan and know what has to be fixed or replaced so you can stagger the jobs. Years ago all agencies used to meet with governing body 3 months before new year and the director and fire chief or other head and state there budget needs for new year. But powers to be stopped it 20 yrs ago so they were just dropped off in full to town administrator .Most of the stuff never got to table and not done. As a former fire chief of the township if Washington 2000 2001 it Was frustrating to operate . It took Over 18 trs to get 2 fire apparatus , we had the oldest truck in service in nj and probably the country , trucks need to be replaced ever 15 yrs and not bought at same time . So you can stagger cost And not hurt the town.parking lot was in budget in the early 80 s and many other . One big problem is they take for ever to make purchase or repair and then there is so many and is difficult to catch up . They can brag about keeping taxes low but if you don't fix or repair then u can keep low .the mayor needs to go and the house must be cleaned.
Concerned June 16, 2012 at 05:38 PM
That works too.
township resident June 24, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Every politician on the planet promises low taxes or no tax increase. x fire chief should stay x. his comments are from the Rudy term. Thats long gone. The problem is the council. They do nothing, they complete nothing, they solve no town problems and they keep no promises. Durso and Goetz were elected because of what they promised the public about 5 election issues. They have done nothing with regard to any of these issues and basically lied during their election. As far as the don't fix or repair comment, I completely agree. Just look at Memorial field. There are town children getting hurt and this council , mislead by Councilman Hrbek , won't rectify the situation.
Jeffrey Tammen June 27, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Hey town resident I've stayed ex and do still have a voice and touching reality. Mayor has complete control of our town due to the type of govt.just look around and see the towns infrastructure is falling apart and mayor sobkowitz has been in town council for 20 plus and And still what's been done.Also she drop the bag on the contamination of soil at the five star and allowed the sale go thru , what about the health and saftey of the residents in this neighborhood .Durso and goetz got a qualified administrator better then last two we had. Town resident you should use your name
Jeffrey Tammen June 27, 2012 at 05:03 PM
As an ex fire chief or not I still pay taxes and voice my opinion when I see things not being done. Just saying


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