Naperville Sounds Off on 'Snobbiest' City Ranking

Snobby? Who us? 

That is what many residents had to say in response to a recent list posted by Movoto.com, a real estate blog, that listed Naperville No. 4 on its top ten list of the snobbiest mid-sized cities in the U.S.

Determining factors included median home price (the higher the better), median household income (the higher the better), percent of population with a college degree (the higher the better) and more (You can read the full article here).

Some agreed with Movoto and said Naperville is snobby. Others said the calculations Movoto used to judge its snobby cities were flawed. And still others thought there were plenty of suburban communities — including Winnetka, Hinsdale, River Forest and Northboork — that should have taken Naperville's place.

We compiled a list of some of the comments made by readers on Naperville Patch and the Naperville Patch Facebook page regarding this recent ranking. Here is what readers had to say about the level of snootiness in Naperville: 
  • Cindy Colman: "Unfortunately yes.....old Napervillians are very down to earth.....The snobbish ones are usually the implants. I have lived in Naperville on and off for about 20 years and it's general feel has changed. Some good and some not so good."
  • Amy Snyder Newcomb: "I overheard my servants talking about this before heading out to buy diamonds and I am quite amused!"
  • Katrina: "I was shocked when I heard that Naperville made the list. When I think of Snooty, I think of River Forest, the place where I grew up. Although I have heard some people in Naperville, referencing one subdivision as the Ghetto. Which goes to show, that people are ignorant, because there is no way that there is a "ghetto" in Naperville. I just think people may be ignorant."
  • Bonny Burke Czerkies: "How does being educated and making a good living equate to being snobby! I have personally worked very hard to get where I am as have many of the people I know in Naperville. This does not make us snobs just because we live in nice homes and have degrees. Find some new criteria to judge people on. Wait, actually, how about we don't judge each other at all!"
  • Melissa Fort: "I am a single mother with an interracial child. I lived in Naperville for 2 years. I moved to Naperville for the schools and thought I would deal with snobs and all that. But I found the opposite. People were warm and welcoming. I moved this month only because I fell in love with a great man who is more established then I am. But I would come back to Naperville anytime!"
  • Geri Bailey Everson: "I live here and I sadly must agree. I feel very out of place here most of the time. I have wonderful, down to earth friends here, but overall.....I have to say yes."
  • Jim Porter: "That list to me represents Quality of Life, not snobbishness!"
  • Kathy Paskvalich Adler: "People with college degrees and good jobs make a town snobby? What a joke! There are snobs everywhere."
  • Kelly Haumesser Kanzler: "Not everyone in Naperville is snobby! I've lived here for all of my life and I don't consider myself a snob. Society creates a lot of this unnecessary DRAMA. Our City has grown tremendously over the years. We have McMansions everywhere.....luxury cars....etc etc.....Not everyone in a City of near 200,000 people is going to fall into the "snobbish" list....just saying'"
  • Gina Vitale Winkelman: "None of my friends or family from Naperville are snobs, it's a great town, lots to do! I don't believe a town makes one snobby, but it's an unfortunate personality trait."
  • Cati Nichols: "Sadly, Yes. I'm a 5th generation napervillian, born and raised. I now live in warrenville. Naperville is not for me.... When I tell people I'm from Naperville they don't believe me. They say I'm "too nice". Makes me sad, but it is what it is."
You can view the full stream of comments on the Naperville Patch Facebook page. 


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