Have You Registered for Naper Notify Yet?

Naperville residents can now sign up to receive instant voice, text and email alerts offering critical information and instructions during disasters and emergencies, as well as community events.

Get real-time information when it matters most about emergencies and community events by signing up for Naper Notify.

Naper Notify utilizes the Everbridge Alert System, which rapidly disseminates critical information and instructions during disasters and other emergencies where regional communication systems might be damaged.

Naper Notify allows residents and business to sign up to receive emergency and community messages through a preferred method of communication. This could include a cell phone, work phone, home phone, text message, e-mail and more.

Residents can also choose the locations they want to be contacted about affecting their homes, parents’ homes, children’s schools, place of business or other points of interest. The locations must be within the city’s boundaries.

The system allows the city to communicate to a widespread audience to relay timely and important information. Types of notifications and other details include:

  • Emergency Notifications -- In the event of an emergency, the city will contact individuals or groups in a certain area that have the potential to be affected by an emergency situation. Emergency notifications are used in a situation that has an effect, or may have an effect, on a certain number of people involving immediate or pending threats to public safety or property and where immediate notification is necessary. Emergency notifications can be sent Citywide if circumstances of the event dictate this type of widespread notification to be necessary.

  • Community Notifications -- Community notifications are meant to notify residents and interested parties about events or projects that may temporarily impact their day-to-day routine but do not impact health or safety. The city will contact individuals only if they choose to receive this type of news. Community notifications will be disseminated between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., but some community messages may be sent out earlier or later than these time frames, depending on the category. Upon registration and sign-in with the system, individuals can select which Community Notification categories, if any, they would like to receive.  

  • Get the Mobile Member App -- For smartphone users, the free Everbridge Mobile Member App is also available for use on your iOS or Android powered mobile device to receive messages from Naper Notify. (Everbridge is the company the City of Naperville selected to host Naper Notify.) Visit Google Play or the iTunes App Store to download Everbridge Mobile Member and log in with your username and password once you're signed up for Naper Notify.

Source: City of Naperville


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