Naperville Residents Align to Run for Will County Board

Joe Hudetz and Deb Holscher are running on a "We the People" platform of fiscal responsibility and transparency.

After spending the summer fighting plans for a new two Naperville residents who aligned during that battle have said they are running for the Will County Board under a “We The People” platform. 

Current Wheatland Township Trustee Joe Hudetz and political activist Deb Holscher, who both live on Naperville’s far south side, have announced their intentions to run for the board. In a news release the pair said they have a commitment to fiscal responsibility, government transparency and fighting pay-to-play politics.

“We see ourselves as conservatives with teeth, not the same old namby-pamby spend-your-money, line-our-pockets party,” Holscher said in a news release.

For Hudetz, a Wheatland Township Trustee since 2009, serving the public doesn’t mean following a business-as-usual political path, according to his campaign. 

“I see so many politicians get sucked into that vortex of big government,” he said in a news release. “I’m going to stand back and look at that hole and fight to plug it.”

As part of their campaign promise they have said they pledge to:

  • Earn the respect of and be accountable to our constituents in all our public duties.
  • Aggressively question “business as usual” policies and practices in our elected area of government.
  • Pursue the elimination of unnecessary expenditures, personnel, departments, or programs in our elected area of government.
  • Vote against any new or expanded taxes or services or programs in our elected area of government.
  • Serve no more than two terms in any one elected position.

Hudetz is a developer who grew up in Warrenville. He is president of , which built the English Rows and Saddlewood developments. He also owns restaurant. He has been married for 42 years to his wife Patricia, a Naperville dentist.

Holscher is a semi-retired investor and political activist. She has been a registered occupational therapist for more than 25 years and has served at Midwestern University in Downers Grove and Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

To learn more about the “We the People…” campaign please visit the campaign’s website www.WeThePeople-WillCounty.com.





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