Naperville Enacts Charging Fee for Electric Vehicles

Credit: City of Naperville
Credit: City of Naperville
Naperville residents who utilize city charging stations for their electric vehicles will now have to pay a fee of $1.50 per hour to use the spaces.

The Naperville City Council voted 8-0 Tuesday in favor of the fee. The council had discussed charing 75 cents per hour but decided Tuesday to raise that to $1.50, according to a video recap of the Feb. 4 city council meeting

Prior to the vote, the current charing station, which is located in a surface lot located at 44 W. Van Buren, had been free, according to city documents. The city did not charge electric vehicle users in the first year as a way to promote usage of the charing station. 

Councilors said during Tuesday's meeting the 75 cents fee was too low and the $1.50 amount would sway "squatters" from utilizing the parking spots for too long and also said seemed fair since electric vehicle users do not have to pay a road use tax like other motorists who utilize gas-fueled cars. 

The council also approved an additional parking space Tuesday for the charging station surface lot located at 44 W. Van Buren. The city is updating that charging stating from a single- to dual-charging station to allow two vehicles to charge at the same time, according to the city of Naperville city council packet. 

The city council also approved additional parking spaces for electric vehicles at a second dual-charging station that will be installed in the Van Buren Parking Facility, according to city documents. 

The charging stations will accept credit card payments, according to city documents. 

The following rules apply to those utilizing the charging spaces: 
  • A three-hour parking restriction is in place while the vehicle is charging 
  • All electric vehicles in the space must be plugged in and charging 
  • The parking space is for electric vehicle use only, all other vehicles will be towedThe public charging station was provided free to users for the first year in order to collect data on its usage. 
Have you used the city's charging stations? What did you think about the stations? Do you think a $1.50 fee is fair? Tell us in the comments section. 
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Gerard Schilling February 13, 2014 at 08:31 AM
Mike, Your intellectual insecurity keeps revealing itself by your constant irrational name calling instead of addressing the facts. Alinsky was basically an anarchist who spent his life revolting against his father (authority) and devising methods and means to redistribute the wealth and destroy the country that gave salvation and protection to his Russian immigrant parents. He admitted to being a member of no political party or group but supported every crazy left wing group he could find. His ideology was socialism/communism and if it has a beak, feathers and quacks it's a duck!
Michael Hunt February 13, 2014 at 09:06 AM
You decry name-calling and then proceed to call Alinsky an anarchist, socialist, communist, (and a duck), when he factually was not. Whatever. Who really cares what you think?
Gerard Schilling February 13, 2014 at 10:16 AM
Apparently you do because you keep posting your caustic and many times irrelevant comments on my postings. Stop pouting and have a nice day.
Sandy Glass February 13, 2014 at 10:21 AM
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