Naperville City Council to Vote on New, Bigger Recycling Carts

City officials said Naperville is falling behind with its recycling. Municipalities with bigger carts, they said, typically recycle more.

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If you give them a bigger recycling cart, will they fill it? 

The Naperville City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on a proposal to adopt a mandatory recycling cart program. The city is recommending the city council award a $1.9 million bid to for a five-year contract to Resource Management, Inc. for 32-, 65-, and 95-gallon recycling carts, according to the April 15 City Council packet.

The carts are meant to replace Naperville's current blue bins for recycling purposes. The change, city officials say, could reduce its overall recycling costs and also increase the amount local residents are recycling. 

"The city has historically been a leader in recycling. However, recently we realized that the percentage of waste that was being recycled was falling behind other communities," said city manager Doug A. Krieger, in a YouTube Council Update video. "It was determined that most municipalities who were recycling more had larger container than the old blue bins that we have here in Naperville." 

The city is proposing a portion of the carts be paid for through a $4 per month utility bill charge, according to city documents. The fee would start on Aug. 1 and last for nine months. The charge will generate $1,494,000 in revenue and will fund 80 percent of the cart purchase.  

The remaining amount city staff proposed be paid for through $200,000 in excess funds from the 2014 Fiscal Year budget. 

If approved, residents would be given a choice on which size cart they would like. If a resident doesn't select a size, the city will provide that household with a 95-gallon cart—the largest of the three carts, according to city documents. 

Cart deliveries are expected to begin in July. 
Buck Naper April 14, 2014 at 07:12 AM
Really Bob. Do you and CON believe that you can manage our homes and check books without our consent? The only thing "green" about Bob and his friends in CON, in my opinion, is spending other peoples money for their schemes. I wonder if Bob would endorse mandatory payment of dues to Naperville Homeowners Association. That would be slick. How about RFID tags on the recycling bins so CON can monitor homeowners use of the bins? How about video tapping trash as it's dumped into the garbage trucks? It's being done in Massachusetts. Let's have a miscellaneous "Surcharge" on all our utility bills so CON has a slush fund to spend our money as they choose, of course, if it meets Bob's approval. CON is a Home Rule municipality, and it seems like citizens are being treated like Serfs to these utopian elites. This can't last much longer. Many citizen's pay checks are tapped out, the Electric Company is broke, our water bills are oppressive and CON is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul to keep it all together.
Buck Naper April 14, 2014 at 07:27 AM
Is CON coming to annually inspect all homeowners hose bibs now? Why not annual mandatory inspection of all smoke detectors, gas ranges, water heaters, outdoor grills, air conditioners, appliances, roofs, and insulation? So many possibilities for CON to "protect" citizens. Let's make it easy. Everyone endorse their paychecks to CON and then Bob and Council can decide what amount of an allowance to give us. That way, they can "take care" and "protect" all of the turnip serfs that live here. Doesn't it make you wonder how the Naperville serfs manage to hold down careers like doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners, homemakers and scientists without CONs help?
Kathy April 14, 2014 at 07:54 AM
How can the city force me to buy something?!!! How much waste r they creating with the old blue bins? That does the job for me. What if I choose not to recycle?
Kathy April 14, 2014 at 08:00 AM
I just moved into the city of Naperville from unincorporated last year. We were given large recycling carts to encourage us to recycle more, and our property taxes were half of what we currently pay.
James L. Freeland April 14, 2014 at 07:30 PM
Now, gentle people, let's stick to the specific topic of this article and not make attempts to construe each aspect. Also, Bob Fischer states some accurate facts with which I fully agree.


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