Mayor Pradel: Naperville Continues to Thrive

Mayor A. George Pradel gave his state of the city address Monday at the soon to open Chicago Marriott Hotel Naperville.

Naperville’s biggest promoter and fan was on hand Monday morning, dressed in a tuxedo, to give his 17th annual state of the city address.

Mayor A. George Pradel shared highlights about the state of the city before a group of roughly 500 business leaders. A few of the highlights from the presentation included the city’s balanced budget, new businesses set to open and successful city programs.

The hosted the event, which was held at the soon to open Chicago Marriott Naperville Hotel, the site of the former Holiday Inn.

The hotel is scheduled to open in April and the General Manager Dan Gustafson told the crowd that carpeting was still being installed Sunday. The changes are more than a renovation, he said, adding the work done at the hotel was more of a transformation. 

Pradel referenced the renovation during his speech, and said it required a significant investment of $30 million.

His presentation included videos highlighting different areas and aspects of the city. 

“Residents want to live here and businesses want to relocate here,” Pradel said. “We are blessed to have a business community that works with the city and residents to manage growth.” 

He said that what keeps people in Naperville is unity in the community, the committment to quality of life and the strong volunteer community.

During the program, Pradel recognized members of the city’s administration and outgoing Police Chief David Dial. He also recognized previous mayors.

Residents who move to Naperville do so because of the “tremendous value” they get for their dollar, he said as he referenced the low water rates, electric service that won’t see an increase until next year and the low percentage of taxes collected by the city and park district.

A video presentation from City Manager Doug Krieger and Finance Director Karen DeAngelis highlighted the city’s budget and the fact that in the coming year the city’s budget will be balanced. 

After tremendous growth in the 70s, 80s and 90s, the city sales tax, it’s main source of funding took a hit after 2007. For three years it experienced a significant slide, but in 2011 it rebounded to “near record levels” to $29 million.

The increase in sales tax revenues coupled with the city making cuts and even the warmer than normal winter has helped the city’s financial situation, DeAngelis said. 

Pradel also mention that there will be some new businesses moving to Naperville, including a new restaurant Fiamme, which will be located at 19 N. Washington St. and Standard Market, which will be located at 1520 Aurora Avenue and is expected to employ about 150 to 170 and will focus on providing locally sourced products.


Carlene & Jim Gruber February 28, 2012 at 02:49 PM
Dear Mayor Pradel and staff, Hopefully you are addressing South Naperville, we are in need of a big clean up on Rt 59 between 111th and the easement of South Pointe to look great , a traffic signal between Champion and Rt 59 ( 5 accidents +) too would be great, safety first. Don't forget about us, after all we are a big Welcome to Naperville area,. for those traveling in from the Plainfield area. By the way Thanks for the bent Twigs along the center divider Highway, nothing like a big waste of (Obama) money. Please remember us!!!!! Take a Drive by once in awhile.
Albert Gazalooch February 28, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Gimmie-Gimmie, The twigs are the state of Illinois DOT problem. Call them! You want a light at Champion Drive & 59? Again.... this is a state road,call Springfield and ask Governor Quinn for yet another tax increase to pay for it. Your streets and roadways are well maintained. Please keep in mind that you probably live in Will County which would explain all other miscellaneous road problems you might be experiencing.. This is why you won't see route 59 widened to 3 lanes each direction South of 95th Street. Unless it can be parlayed into a 5 year long road construction mess, Will County will have no part of it. By the way.... Next time you South Naper folks venture North, please be mindful of the posted speed limits on Route 59. 45 MPH doesn't translate to 60 MPH in this neck of the woods!
The Sentinel February 28, 2012 at 05:48 PM
Dear Al: I live in N. Naperville and if you want to remind the Grubers about the 45 mph speed limit on 59, then I want to remind you and the idiots who get in the left lane and sight-see at 40 to GET OUT OF THE WAY AND INTO THE RIGHT LANE. I'm not sure about 60 but 50 certainly is within reason on that part of the highway. And as far as asking Pradel about favors...it doesn't matter. Pradel doesn't "hear" things like that. He's a true politician and knows how to side-step very well.


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