Marcie Schatz Named Naperville Deputy City Manager

Schatz accepted role as new deputy city manager on Thursday and will begin the new position on Monday, Aug. 20.

Transportation, Engineering and Development Business Group director has been named as the new deputy city manager, according to a city press release.

Marcie Shatz accepted the position on Thursday, Aug. 16 and will replace former Assistant City Manger Robert Marshall, who became Naperville’s police chief in May.

“The change in title from assistant city manager to deputy city manager relates to a shift in oversight from administration to operational departments,” City Manager Doug Krieger said in a press release.

Since 1995, Schatz has been overseeing the city’s civil and traffic engineering services, including building and inspection services. As deputy city manager, she will oversee the Electric and Water departments, Department of Public Works and Community Relations starting Monday, Aug. 20.

“Marcie’s collaborative leadership style and focus on customer service make her highly effective in this leadership role,” City Manager Doug Krieger said. “This in combination with her history with the city as it grew through the last part of the 20th century and beginning of this one makes her an ideal candidate for this position. Her enthusiasm and ideas about the direction the city needs to move in will help Naperville maintain its reputation as a world class city.”

In 2001, Schatz became the City’s Transportation and Traffic Team Leader and then Transportation, Engineering and Development director in 2004.

Mayor A. George Pradel said he’s looking forward to continuing working with Schatz as she begins her new role next week.  

“I am thrilled that Marcie has accepted this position,” Mayor Pradel said in a press release. “Marcie’s previous work experience for the city and its residents and businesses showcases her integrity, dedication to the community and willingness to go above and beyond to maintain our quality of life. I am excited for our community to continue to move forward with Marcie as one of its exceptional leaders.”

Schatz said she is thankful for the role as well as the opportunity to take on new responsibilities.   

“This is an exciting opportunity to serve the Naperville community in a new way,” Schatz said. “I’m honored for this chance and the new roles and responsibilities that come with it. I’ve been fortunate to work with numerous outstanding people in TED over the years, and throughout our day-to-day operations, our customers were always the center of what we did. As deputy city manager, I can continue to focus on our residents and businesses and do my part to ensure Naperville maintains its commitment to excellence.”

Schatz holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois. She is certified as a Licensed Professional Engineer. She has lived in Naperville since 1997 with her husband Dave and children Jimmy, Maggie, Michael, Kate and Anna.

During the transition, the city will be undergoing internal reorganization, with City Attorney Margo Ely assuming directorship of the Legal, Risk Management and Human Resources departments and City Clerk Pam LaFeber now overseeing the Clerk’s Office and Information Technology department, according to the city. 

For more information on the city of Naperville, visit www.naperville.il.us.


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