Letter to the Editor: Home Fire Hazard Mandated By Our City Council

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Dear Editor,

At Naperville’s Sept. 18, 2012 City Council’s Open Forum (on their video from minutes 20:40 to 58) a number of residents and members of the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group discussed in great detail the FIRE Hazards posed by smart meters.

To view this informative session and council’s responses open this link.  http://naperville.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=542

Bottom line is ComEd and other city’s electric companies have put on hold installation of these devices which are not UL or CSA certified until their state’s PUCs get answers to fires which have been attributed to (directly or indirectly) these meters. Our city council and manger dismissively disregard any concern and councilman Wehrli was outright hostile to any suggestion to go slow and some would say badgered the speakers.

It’s bad enough that our electric rates, water rates, gas cost, city fees and taxes keep rising at unjustifiable rates now we have to accept, against our will, on OUR HOMES a device which may literally kill us!

Not one local paper covered this significant potential threat to all of us and they should start reporting objectively on this subject instead of just being shills for the city!


G H Schilling

Naperville, IL


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