Letter to the Editor: Biggert's Commitment to Religious Freedom

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The following was submitted by Naperville resident Thomas Mitchinson.

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Dear Editor,

I’d like to thank Congresswoman Judy Biggert for her commitment to religious freedom in health care. As a Christian Scientist, I feel that ensuring individuals have access to effective health care, and respecting their religious freedom is important. Congresswoman Biggert has made great efforts to ensure that the original religious exemption in the recent health care legislation is fair and equitable.

The Congresswoman’s responsiveness to her constituents and her willingness to reach across the aisle to address their concerns are a breath of fresh air in today’s political landscape.

I for one am grateful to be represented by Congresswoman Biggert, who I believe is truly representing my fellow District 13 constituents and me in supporting such important liberties as religious freedom in health care.



Thomas Mitchinson

Naperville, IL

Martin September 06, 2012 at 05:15 PM
Thomas, I am glad that our Rep has your support. My experiences with Rep Biggert over the past 5-6 year has been that she loves replying (via formletter) to emails and calls regarding important issues saying she thanks you for your support of her position, when in fact one was letting her know that you do not support her and think she is wrong. To be honest, I haven't heard nor really paid attention to her stance on Religious Freedom. I feel that all folks need to honor other people's religion, or lack there of, and their expression of it.


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