Kids First Win Machine Vote in Hoboken

Hoboken voted to move the municipal elections to November and to eliminate run-off elections. Rent control remains in tact in Hoboken, after Public Question 2 failed.

Kids First won Hoboken's Board of Education race in Tuesday night's elections, according to preliminary results from the city clerk's office. Absentee ballots and provisional votes were not yet included in the count as of Tuesday night.

While Tom Kluepfel, Jean Marie Mitchell and Ruthy McAllister won the machine votes, it's unclear if absentee ballots and provisional votes are going to make a difference.

It will take until Friday for the absentee ballots to be counted.

Kluepfel earned a total of 3426 votes, Mitchell received 3223 votes and McAllister took 3498 votes.

In the race for the three open school board seats in Hoboken, the Kids First ticket —  Kluepfel, Mitchell and incumbent McAllister all three backed by Mayor Dawn Zimmer — fought to hang on to their board majority.

The other slate in Tuesday's elections was Move Forward, made up of candidates Anthony Oland, Felice Vasquez and Liz Markevitch.

Oland received a total of 2512 votes, Markevitch got 2844 votes and Vazquez got 2488 votes. Independent Patricia Waiters got a total of 987 votes.

"The vote by mails are scary," McAllister said at the Kids First victory party at Court Street. "We won the honest vote, the most important vote to me."

McAllister, the only incumbent running in this election, said she was "proud and happy" to be elected back to the school board.

While happy to win on the machines after being off the board for a year, Mitchell said she is still nervous about the absentee ballots that will still have to be counted.

"I'm worried about the absentee ballots," she said. "That's always on issue."

It wasn't clear as of Tuesday night how many vote by mail ballots were sent into the Hudson County Clerk's office.

Two weeks ago, all seven candidates debated the issues in a public forum.

The school board race was particularly contentious, even for Hoboken standards, complete with a roving political attack ad depicting a Nazi flag in a urinal last month. 

In the senatorial race, Hudson County native U.S. Senator Bob Menendez beat Joe Kyrillos. Hoboken's Congressman Albio Sires easily won re-election on Tuesday.

Hobokenites also decided three public questions in Hoboken. As a result of Tuesday's elections, municipal elections will be moved to November. Run-off elections were eliminated and rent control was upheld in the city of Hoboken.

On the first question 7,621 voted to eliminate run-off elections, while 5,295 voted to keep them. Hoboken also chose to move the municipal elections to November by a large margin with 8,475 voting "yes" and 2,485 voting "no."

This means that the 2013 mayoral election will take place in November 2013, rather than May.

Hobokenites also overwhelmingly came out for President Barack Obama. On Tuesday, 11,611 Hobokenites voted for Obama, while 5,843 voted for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

bubbles November 08, 2012 at 11:50 PM
Finally! Someone who knows how to take direction- smear, lie, distort AND name calling! " idiot, morons, arrogance, goons, brainless wimps, and clueless" YOU are da Bomb! Now, if I could have just gotten everyone else to follow your lead we'd have gotten a much bigger lead and not have to worry about the damn machine votes. what the heck is that about, anyway? if we win, Steak dinner , free cell and a laptop is on... keep on keepin on! It aint ova yet!
Facts Alone November 09, 2012 at 03:19 AM
where's the distortion? McAllister is the one who said only machine votes are honest. throw back kf's words at them and their feelings get hurt and they cry about distortion. and then peter cunningham says send in your email vote for mcallister. but he sure don't send his precious kids to the schools that mcallister runs. no distortion. just the FACTS baby. SAT scores stink and keep going down. That's a FACT. NJ Ask scores stink and keep going down. That's another FACT. tell the truth and kf calls it a smear.
pdq November 09, 2012 at 03:51 PM
When your precious Gagliardi, Ralsowski and group ran the district, only 35% of the children needed to pass the NJASK, now 85% need to pass NJASK. When your group ran the district, only 50% of the district kids took the SAT now almost all take SAT. When your group ran the district, only 50% of the kids took the 11th grade HSPA in 11th grade now 100% take the HSPA. When your group ran the district, they had 297 pages of audit violations and 530 employees vs a fiscal responsiblity award and less than 400 employees. When your group ran things, there were to 10% tax levy increases vs flat tax levy year after year. When your group ran things, the kids had 12 year old textbooks,no technology plan, no capital improvement money set aside, no curriculum, 2.3 million in legal liabilites, and 1.3 million in food service costs.
Journey November 09, 2012 at 04:03 PM
These are the reasons that I have been voting against Raia and company since 2006. Which is why I vote foe kids first. If the choice was between a slate connect to Raia and no one, I would write in the devil. The lesser of two evils and all… Because of Kids First, I don't have to vote for the devil.
HOBO87 November 10, 2012 at 06:11 AM
I know that's always eventually the response, criticize the mayor, and you must be 'spinning' for somebody. Care to tell me for whom, rather than just making such a vague innuendo? The 'A grade for the mayor' position reminds me a little of Steve Jobs' comment about President Obama (though AFAIK Jobs continued to basically favor Obama over the alternative), that Obama spent a lot of time explaining to Jobs why almost everything he agreed with Jobs was desirable to improve the business climate was impossible to do. Maybe it is impossible to really clean out the PD, FD, and City Hall employees in a serious way, make any progress toward ejecting the high income freeloaders from 'middle income' buildings which pay almost no taxes, and in general actually lower property tax rates meaningfully (the small cut I got by challenging my assessment dwarfed the effect of any rate cuts in last few years). Maybe nothing much can be done on those, and Zimmer has done nothing much on them. I do give her high marks for getting rid of the hospital albatross. I guess it just touches a nerve for her to actually come out in support of the blight of rent control, and I think it's for the usual reason politicians have supported this terrible policy where ever it's been implemented: more votes to be had from subsidized tenants than votes from landlords whose property rights are thrown under the bus. If the above is 'spin', so be it.


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