Vandals Strike Again at Plainfield Elementary School

Windows defaced twice in two days at the campus.

Less than a month after someone set fire to playground equipment at the school — and tried to do the same at nearby Creekside Elementary — vandals defaced windows at Lakewood Falls Elementary School, 14050 W. Budler Road, according to Will County Sheriff's police. 

Police said a report came in June 10 that someone had defaced two windows at the school by drawing graffiti on them.

Two days later, it happened again, as someone used a silver paint ben to deface a window, according to police.

On May 30, witnesses reported seeing two juveniles, both boys, set fire to playground equipment at the school before heading over to Creekside, where they attempted to use refuse from a dumpster to start another playground fire. Only paper burned in the second attempt, according to District 202.

The blaze melted a slide at the Lakewood Falls playground.


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