Two Naperville Homes Burglarized on Friday: Police

Police are looking for more information regarding two residential burglaries.

Naperville police are looking for more information regarding two residential burglaries that occurred three miles apart on Friday evening.

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Police said the first burglary occurred to a home near central Naperville in the 400 block of Le Provence Circle. A second home was burglarized in the east portion of the city in the 2000 block of Mustang Drive, according to the Naperville Police Department.

Both burglaries occurred during the evening of Friday, Feb. 15. Police also said jewelry was stolen in both incidents. 

Police are encouraging residents to call 911 to report:

  • Suspicious or unfamiliar vehicles parked in your neighborhood.
  • Suspicious or unfamiliar persons walking through the neighborhood especially those seen in backyards. Residential burglaries are often crimes of opportunity. A burglar looks for a house that is unoccupied and dark.  

Police are also offering tips to curb residential and business burglaries in Naperville: 

  • Do not hesitate to report ANY suspicious or unusual activity to the police department.
  • Make sure you have deadbolts on your front and back doors and on your service door between the garage and your home, and most importantly use them!
  • Notify a neighbor when your home is going to be vacant. Ask them to collect the mail and newspapers or suspend delivery while you’re away.   
  • Install a quality alarm system.  
  • Utilize additional lighting on the outside of your home including motion sensor lighting.
  • When you leave your home set lights on timer and have a radio or television on so that it appears your home is occupied.  

Naperville Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or people responsible for the burglaries.

Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact Naperville Crime Stoppers at 630-420-6006. All callers may remain anonymous.


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