Sen. Durbin Weighs in on Fatal I-88 Crash

Trucking rules need to be more strictly enforced, Durbin says, after crash that killed tollway worker and injured state trooper from Oswego.

The scene of Monday's fiery crash that took the life of a tollway worker and injured a state trooper. | Credit: Todd Sherman, Illinois Fire Ground
The scene of Monday's fiery crash that took the life of a tollway worker and injured a state trooper. | Credit: Todd Sherman, Illinois Fire Ground

Sen. Dick Durbin is asking federal regulators to step up enforcement of truck-driver work hours in the wake of a fatal Interstate 88 crash that killed a tollway worker and severely injured a State Trooper.

The trucker involved in the Monday crash near Aurora was charged with operating a commercial motor vehicle while fatigued. Renato V. Velasquez had only gotten 3.5 hours of sleep during a 37.5 hour shift before the accident.

Durbin sent a letter Thursday to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration asking the agency to investigate the crash and others like it. Durbin also asked for stricter enforcement of the rules.

Velasquez drove for a Naperville company, DND International, Inc.. He is also charged with making a false report of record and duty status, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident and failure to yield to stationary emergency vehicles, according to the Daily Herald.

He is accused of crashing into a police car Monday night, which had its lights flashing, and a disabled semi truck, which led to both vehicles bursting into flames, according ABC 7 Chicago. The crash killed a 39-year-old tollway worker, Vincent Petrella of Wheeling, and seriously injured a 38-year-old state trooper, Trooper Douglas J. Balder of Oswego.

Read more about the trucking rules on NBC Chicago's Ward Room blog.

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Gerard Schilling January 31, 2014 at 07:27 AM
How about insuring no illegal aliens are here by enforcing the current laws on the books. With the amount of illegals running around the city (Chicago) because of the sanctuary city nonsense and refusal to enforce our laws our government exposes our citizens to many of these potential hazards. Instead of worrying about legal citizens having their 2ed amendments rights abrogated how about addressing these real threats!
tyrone biggums January 31, 2014 at 08:53 AM
DND International better have criminal charges against management itself because it is equally responsible for the accident!!! The following is quoted from the Channel 7 news report: " "I'm so very sorry. I am truly sorry, and I don't know what to say anymore," Dimitrievski said. "You can't be in the truck with the drivers so as much as we can do we control them. But I'm not there in there so I don't know what they do. Only thing I know, my drivers logs that I receive. It's all good." "DND has 42 trucks in its fleet. Federal safety records reveal six crashes the past two years and a host of safety violations: non-compliant driver work records and moving violations-mostly for speeding. And industry records reveal the firm has been dropped by insurance companies six times in the past six years." It's all good???? Non-compliant driver work records and 6 crashes in 2 years?? Yea it's all good?!? Please arrest the owners now for criminal negligence!!! Oh and the driver happens to be a contract employee, how convenient. I'm sure they have all of the insurance information for that contractor on file! NOT!


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