Roselle DJ Charged With Cyberstalking Naperville Woman

The Roselle man was charged with stalking the same woman in the past but was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Fouzan "DJ Fozilla" Quaiser. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
Fouzan "DJ Fozilla" Quaiser. Credit: Will County Sheriff's Department
A Roselle DJ faces two criminal counts of cyberstalking for allegedly harassing a Naperville woman he was charged with bothering in the past.

Fouzan Quaiser, 28, of 747 Country Lane South was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the previous felony case.

But Quaiser is at it again, police said, this time posting obscene messages on his Facebook page about a 24-year-old Naperville woman.

Quaiser posted on Facebook that the woman is a "lying, vile, whore," according to court papers, and called her a "stupid bitch who went to the cops like the dirty wench that you are."

In a petition for a protective order the woman sought Wednesday, she said Quaiser "Facebooked" her and said something about "bitch slapping" a Walmart worker. She also saod he Quaiser posted on Facebook about having sex with her, beating her with a rope, and said that she "promised to marry him and bear his children" but then went "to the police."

"I never dated Fouzan, he was just a friend," the woman wrote in her petition. "There was never a sexual relationship with him. He is angry I went to the police and had a no stalking order taken out on him which expired in 2013."

If the posts in the criminal complaint had been on Quaiser's Facebook page—on which he refers to himself as "DJ Fozilla"—before, they're gone now. The page does include the "bitch-slapping" post but includes the line, "Mistreating women is not cool, funny to joke abt, but not cool."

This post was there as well: "She was disobedient to me, and was trying to break the rules by provoking me sexually, she should have been reprimanded for that, I was practicing my religion, and the law prosecuted me for practicing my religion."

It was followed by this explanation about the "rope thing": "Regardless, I was joking abt the rope thing, they took my words out of context."

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