39-Year-Old Woman Dies Following Naperville Apartment Fire

Blaze broke out a three-story apartment building at 108 Douglas

A woman was killed in a fire that broke out in a Naperville apartment building late Thursday night. 

Firefighters responded to the three-story apartment building at 108 Douglas Ave. after receiving 911 calls at 11:33 p.m. Thursday for reports of smoke and fire coming from an apartment building. 

Crews found smoke coming out of a second-floor window and began an aggressive fire attack and initiated a search of the apartment building. Firefighters found an unconscious woman in a second-floor apartment unit where the fire started, according to the news release. 

Resuscitative efforts were unsuccessful and the 39-year-old victim was pronounced dead at Edward Hospital, according to press release. 

The fire was brought under control within 10 minutes.  Crews completed the search, performed ventilation and checked for fire extension.   

There was fire and smoke damage on the building’s second and third floors as well as into the attic. The damage to the building is estimated to be about $100,000.  

An inspector from Naperville’s Transportation, Engineering and Development (TED) deemed two apartment units uninhabitable until repairs could be made.  

No firefighters were injured in the blaze. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

The Naperville Fire Department was assisted at the scene by the Naperville Police Department, Naperville’s Emergency Management Agency, the DuPage County Fire Investigation Task Force and the Office of the State Fire Marshal.  

Several surrounding fire departments provided coverage at Naperville’s fire stations during this incident.  While providing this stand-by coverage, Lisle-Woodridge and Wheaton fire units responded to two emergency incidents.  

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Roy Rumaner March 23, 2014 at 12:07 PM
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