UPDATED: 6-Year-Old Found Drowned in South Naperville Pond

Naperville Fire Department's Water Rescue Team responded to a possible drowning Saturday, witnesses said.

An underwater search was conducted to make sure no other victims were in the water.
An underwater search was conducted to make sure no other victims were in the water.
Editor Mary Ann Lopez contributed to this report.
UPDATED: 5:53 p.m., Aug. 2

The DuPage County Coroner's office has identified the 6-year-old drowning victim as Amer Khan, of the 2900 block of Kilbourne in Naperville.
Both the coroner's office and the Naperville Police Department continue to investigate the death of the child, the DuPage County Coroner's office said in a news release issued Saturday afternoon.

"Amer was found unresponsive in a retention pond near his home. He was transported to Edward hospital, however, despite the best of efforts, he was pronounced dead by a member of the hospital E.R. at 12:28 p.m.," the news release said.

The incident remains under investigation and an autopsy is schedule for Aug. 4. 

UPDATED: 3:53 p.m., Aug. 2

A 6-year-old boy appears to have drowned after a resident found him face down in a pond near the Glenmuir Apartments Saturday morning.

The call of the reported drowning was made to 911 at 11:39 a.m. from a caller who found the child in the pond, near 95th Street and Cedar Glade Drive. The caller pulled the boy from the water and attempted to resuscitate him, according to a fire official.

Police arrived first at the scene, about two minutes after the first call came in. They took over CPR, according to a news release from Bureau Chief Mark Thurow from the Naperville Fire Department.

Paramedics arrived about four minutes after the initial 911 call was made and and took over patient care, placing the child in the ambulance, while continuing treatment as the boy was taken to Edward Hospital, according to the news release.

The 6-year-old was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived at Edward Hospital, according to Thurow. His name is not being released pending family notification.

An underwater search of the pond for possible additional victims was undertaken and the search was completed at 1:30 p.m., Thurow said. No additional victims were found.

“The Fire Department would like to offer its condolences to the victim’s family as well as all those affected by this tragedy,” Thurow said in the news release.

In addition to the water response team, two command vehicles, two ambulances, two engines, a truck, the water rescue vehicle and a boat, a total of 18 fire department personnel and Naperville Police responded. An additional engine, ambulance and Chief Officer responded to the scene along with the Aurora Fire Department Dive Team to support divers from the Naperville Fire Department in the search.

Original Story

Naperville firefighters responded to a possible drowning Saturday in a pond at a south Naperville apartment complex.

More than a dozen emergency vehicles as well as the city's fire department water rescue team responded to Glenmuir Apartments, Kilburne Lane and 95th Street, around 11:40 a.m. Saturday and searched a retention pond for about two hours after a young boy was rescued from the water, witnesses at the scene said. 

According to witnesses, a young boy was pulled from the water and taken to a hospital. Dive teams continued to search the pond until about 1:30 p.m. 

The pond is located off of 95th Street, west of the entrance to Glenmuir Apartments, 2604 Rockport Lane. 

Witnesses and residents on the scene said they don't often see children playing near the pond. 

"This is the first time this has happened since I've been here, and I've lived here 13 years," said one witness who lives west of the pond in the Stonewater Townhomes. 

Patch will have more on this developing story.
James L. Freeland August 04, 2013 at 01:53 PM
So sad. Parents, PLEASE get your children swimming lessons as soon as possible. Do not allow this to happen ever again.
Ercie Berwick August 05, 2013 at 08:57 AM
You mean children who have had swimming lessons never drown?????
Karen Smith August 05, 2013 at 08:15 PM
What a sad story...Truly. The first home we were going to purchase we only didn't because there was a lake in the backyard and we were just starting a family. Kids will be kids and my heart breaks for his family and his precious young life snuffed out so soon....God Bless all who knew and loved this little guy:(
Ercie Berwick August 06, 2013 at 02:02 AM
Karen, you and your husband were very wise to pass on that home with the lake so close by. I don't think parents can be too careful with their precious children. Years and years after high school graduation, my husband and I traveled down to Cape Cod, MA, to visit my old history teacher and the high school's football coach. He wasn't home so I left him a note. A neighbor saw us and came over to chat. I told the neighbor I'd had him for history in my senior year of high school. The neighbor told us that "he is now a broken man." It seems that his daughter and her husband left their two-year-old toddler with him one afternoon to babysit him while they did some shopping. He had babysat the child many times before. But this time child toddled out to the pool area and when my former history teacher found him, he was floating on his face in the water. His daughter and her husband never forgave him, and so he was not only carrying around the heavy burden of his drowned grandson the rest of his life, but the heavy burden of never having been forgiven by his daughter and his son-in-law, nor did he ever see them again. That is what the neighbor told us.


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