Lawyer Suing, Says Naperville Man Badmouthed Him On Internet

Attorney Paul Nordini is suing the ex-husband of a woman he represented in a divorce case for leaving a negative review about him on Google+.

Paul Nordini. Credit: Youtube.
Paul Nordini. Credit: Youtube.
By Joseph Hosey

A Google+ review apparently rubbed a Naperville lawyer the wrong way, and now he's suing the man who penned it.

Attorney Paul Nordini filed the lawsuit in Will County court Wednesday. Nordini's suit accuses Naperville resident Joseph LaBarre of defaming him in his Google+ review.

LaBarre complained in his review about the allegedly "underhanded and deceitful way (Nordini) went about 'doing good'" for his client.

That "client" is presumably LaBarre's ex-wife, Danielle LaBarre, whom Nordini represented in her divorce from Joseph LaBarre.

"I agree that some people may find your anyway (sic) possible strategy a good way to screw their spouse but I assure anyone going through a divorce with children that it will only widen the gap of discontent between the two of you and have an overall negative effect on the relationship between both spouses and children for years to come," LaBarre wrote. "So I'll go ahead and give Mr. Nordini maybe the best possible endorsement his ethically shaky law firm has probably had and tell anyone who's really out to screw their spouse by any means possible this is their stop."

In his lawsuit, Nordini claimed the review has been "materially harmful to (his) reputation in the community" and that it has cost him and his firm, Nordini & Thompson, $10,000 a month in lost business. The law firm is listed as a plaintiff along with Nordini.

Nordini is seeking a $110,000 judgment—plus costs—against LaBarre. The lawsuit says he also wants an injunction ordering LaBarre to "remove his false statements from the Internet.

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Maria Hodges Risch September 18, 2013 at 06:26 PM
I don't dare leave a comment for fear I may be sued.
Resurrected September 18, 2013 at 07:42 PM
Everyone is sue happy, including this lawyer now! Waa!
tyrone biggums September 19, 2013 at 05:47 AM
One negative comment is costing $10,000 per month and has tarnished his reputation? Well here is 3 more he could be suing http://www.lawyerratingz.com/ratings/1032234/Lawyer+Paul-Nordini.html Unfortunately most lawyers have had negative comments about them or there firm depending on who is on the winning side. I would think that it goes with the type of law practiced and a few negative comments shouldn't affect a firm/person especially when the good out weighs the bad. Just my opinion, please don't sue me.
Aaron Banks October 08, 2013 at 11:04 AM
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