Drivers Beware: Naperville Police Hold 'Speed Awareness Day' Tuesday

The Naperville Police Department will be holding a special traffic enforcement along the 75th Street corridor Tuesday.

Driving along 75th Street Tuesday, Naperville Police are asking that driver’s go with the flow and enjoy the ride and for safety's sake, don't put the pedal to the metal.

The Naperville Police Department will be holding a “Speed Awareness Day” along the 75th Street corridor to increase safety through enforcement and education, according to the .

“Our efforts will concentrate on speed and following too closely violations as well as other noted safety violations,” said Cmd. Mike Anders in a news release. 

The department will be working in conjunction with Families Against Chronic Excessive Speeding (FACES4), a nonprofit funded through the Illinois Department of Transportation, which works to educate motorists about the dangers of aggressive driving. 

While driving under the influence is considered unacceptable, driving while speeding is not, which is one of the problems associated with speeding, according to FACES4. While people realize speeding may increase the chance of an accident, they continue to drive above the speed limit. 



John Moreli June 09, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Fantastic! Love to see all the moron speeders get tickets!


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