Court Roundup: Cases of Interest in Naperville

Found money, failed appeal and elderly neglect case updates.

Here are updates on interesting cases in the Naperville area:

Judge says no to red-light appeal

A Downers Grove man fell short in his attempt to have a judge reconsider a Naperville red-light camera ticket, court records show.
sought judicial review of his 2010 ticket that was upheld during an administrative review hearing in Naperville.

Kannaby previously said the time card from his job with the federal government would show he shouldn't be the one pinned with the ticket.

Kannaby acknowledged his vehicle appears in the video of the violation, but he wanted to fight the ticket to protect his driving record.

Naperville attorneys argued that Kannaby waited too long to file his request for a judge to consider the matter, and the judge agreed to dismiss the case on June 28, records show.

Family allowed to keep found money

Patience paid off for a Naperville family who ventured into the legal system after finding a 10,000 outside their home last year.

After her daughter found the Mexican currency in October, Heather Klespitz filed a report with police and then a legal claim to keep the money - with an approximate value today of $845.

On May 6, Judge Bonnie Wheaton awarded the money to the Klespitz family after no one came forward to claim it.

In an interview earlier this year, Klespitz said the discovery offered the family a chance at a lesson in doing the right thing. And if, as it eventually turned out, they received the money, her daughter would donate half to charity.

Woman accused in Naperville neglect case leaves specialized court

A McCollum Lake woman charged with neglecting her elderly mother in Naperville has withdrawn from a specialized pre-trial court program, according to court records.

Brenda K. Tucker, 54, was indicted in 2010 on four counts of criminal neglect of an elderly person. Prosecutors allege she endangered the life of her 82-year-old mother, Betty Tucker from Naperville, when she failed to provide timely hygienic and medical care during a one-month period in 2009, court records state. Betty Tucker died in July 2009.

Brenda Tucker had enrolled in DuPage County's Mental Illness Court Alternative Program shortly after her arrest last year, but she recently withdrew from the program voluntarily, documents show.

MICAP, which requires defendants to follow certain pre-trial rules, is a program for those who have mental illnesses. It is unclear from records on what grounds Tucker was initially admitted to the program.

Tucker, who is free on bond, returns to court Monday.


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