Bond Set at $3M for Man Charged In Naperville Fatal Bar Stabbing

In determining bond, the judge said Daniel J. Olaska of Naperville is a danger to the community due to the severity of the crime.

Bond was set at $3 million Sunday morning for the Naperville man charged in the stabbing death of an elementary school teacher and the injury of two others at  early Saturday morning.

Daniel J. Olaska, 27, of the 1500 block of Fox Hill Drive, was charged Saturday afternoon with one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder in the attack that left 24-year-old Shaun Wild dead, Lemont native Willie Hayes in serious condition at Edward Hospital, and bar bouncer Raphael Castaneda injured.

The DuPage County State's Attorney's Office had asked for bond to be set at $5 million. Through Olaska's attorney, Earl Grinbarg, the man's family had asked for bond to be set at $1 million. Meeting in the middle, Judge Neal Cerne said Olaska is a danger to the community due to the severity of the crime, and set bond at $3 million.

Olaska was present for the hearing via closed-circuit television. 

During the bond hearing, DuPage County Special Prosecutor Tim Diamond detailed some of the events of the evening that led to the stabbing.

Diamond said the men did not know each other, but that at one point Willie Hayes was sitting at a table with Olaska when Hayes said something about Olaska drinking beer out of a wine glass.

“He joked with him and Mr. Olaska took offense,” Diamond said. At that point the men stood up and Olaska took out a folding knife with a five-to-six inch blade. He stabbed Wild in the arm and Hayes in the chest.

“Wild went after him and he stabbed Wild in the chest,” Diamond said.

The bouncers attempted to get Olaska under control, but Castaneda was stabbed in the arm. 

More than 100 people were in the bar and witnessed the incident, Diamond said.

As officers attempted to aid Wild and Hayes, Diamond said Olaska tried to leave the bar again.

The entire incident was caught on security video, which shows Olaska stabbing the victims, Diamond said. 

Once in police custody, Diamond said Olaska confessed and admitted to the stabbing. He admitted using the knife he carried with him and he even demonstrated how he used the knife to officers.

“There was no reason whatsoever for this offense,” Diamond said. 

In his defense, Olaska’s attorney Earl Grinbarg said the event was an aberration in Olaska’s life. He has a master’s degree in aviation administration from Middle Tennessee State University, works at the Schaumburg Airport as an aviation manager and lives at his parents’ home.

About a dozen members of the , where Olaska attended, were at the hearing with Olaska’s parents and Grinbirg brought the members to the judge’s attention.

Grinbirg told the judge that the family could not meet a bond any higher than $1 million.

If Olaska is convicted, Diamond said he faces a minimum sentence of 32 years and a maximum of 120 years. The minimum sentence for murder is 20 years without chance for parole.

“If he posts bond the fear is he will attempt to flee the area,” Diamond said.

The judge said the sensitive nature of the crime did not warrant a lower bond.

“Because of the sheer violence of the crime I feel if he was released he would be a danger to the community,” Cerne said as he set bond at $3 million. 

Olaska’s attorney declined comment after the hearing saying “it’s a continuing investigation.” 

Olaska’s next court date is scheduled for March 5 before Judge Kathryn Creswell.


Mark K February 08, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Nice post, I agree completely certainly sounds like Wild tried to step in and was doing the right thing (tragic he had to die) but to me sounds like classic case of a jock type personality being a jerk...
Mary Manthe Krause February 10, 2012 at 03:58 AM
So senseless. So sad. My hearty breaks for the Wild and Olaska families and all others that were involved. May God be with them all.
Fact Monger February 11, 2012 at 12:40 PM
>Ms. Single mom . . . seems you need some fact in your life please read . . . http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/daniel-olaska-bond-naperville-bar-stabbing-139074819.html Cronologically Olaska was looking for conflict before anything even start with Hayes and Wild. Do us all a favor and put your baseless stereo type inference of "jock and bully" back in your pocket for when it applies, as it clearly does not fit these young men who ended up in the path of an armed unstable coward.
Hopalong March 06, 2012 at 08:35 PM
Does anyone on here that made a comment know for 100% accuracy what happened? Wild is gone, Olaska is in jail. Other than that it's all opinion. We have a court system for a reason. Conjecture, and feelings are what escalate situations into getting out of hand. Every thing about this is tragic. Period.
Rotty Angel March 21, 2014 at 09:36 PM
Two years later and this still has not gone to trial....


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