2011 in Review: 5 Most Read Police Blotters

As we look forward to a brand spanking new 2012, why not look back first at some of the most read police blotter items from 2011.

Sometimes the news writes itself. That happens to be the case quite often with the ’s reports.

In 2011, there were a number of police blotter items that were either bizarre or concerning enough that readers wanted to know more. 

Here are five of the most read police blotters of 2011:


On Sept. 15 a man shopping at Menards was cited after he was found to have opened different drain stopper packages in an attempt to create one “good quality” package, according to police. The man was cited and banned from shopping at the store. In another blotter item, a business owner wanted to turn in a number of credit cards that had been left behind by customers at his business. 


A woman who was getting communion while at church reported to police that a credit card was stolen from her purse and used in Downers Grove. In another instance of theft, a man stole 13 boxes of condoms from a Naperville store. Police also took two reports that customers at two different restaurants became angry after they said it was taking too long to be served, in one instance a man yelled at the staff and attempted to get in the kitchen, while in the other situation a man damaged a credit card reader.


The weekends are always busiest around Naperville and tend to keep the police pretty involved. The weekend of Aug. 5 was particularly busy for police and along with a woman being arrested for prostitution and a number of people being arrested for fighting there was also a man who was cited for public urination. Police also reported that a man was charged with two counts of endangering the life/health of a child after he allegedly left his children unsupervised in an unlocked hotel room where they had access to open liquor.


The month of November started off with three women and a man being arrested for prostitution (the women) and pandering (the man). All three were arrested in the same general area on Diehl Road. In other matters, two Naperville residents reported that their homes were egged. In the first report a home was egged and spraypainted. While the second homeowner reported that eggs were smashed all over her home including the rear of the home, windows, upper deck and lower patio.


A man who was intoxicated and apparently in the roadway was resisting arrest and was attempting to get back into the street, when police arrested him. Meanwhile, a woman shopping at Goodwill allegedly changed the price on a stroller and used a gift card to pay for the item.




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