Letter to the Editor: Deadline Looming to Register to Vote in November General Election

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day. Patch welcomes letters to the editor.

Dear Editor,

The General Election is just weeks away, so now is the time to ensure that everyone eligible citizen is registered to vote.

The deadline to register is Oct. 9, 2012.

College students, make sure that you are either registered to vote in your college town or are prepared to request an absentee ballot.

Arrangements should be made for our elderly shut-ins who should be given an opportunity to vote—they should request absentee ballots.

If you registered and voted before and have not moved or changed your name, you are most likely on the current voter rolls. 

Not sure if you are registered to vote? Contact your local board of elections to verify your voter status.

Who can register to vote? If you are a U.S. Citizen, are 18 years old by Election Day (Nov. 6) and have two forms of ID (one with your address on it), you may register to vote in person at any number of places: libraries, township offices, municipal buildings, etc.

On Tuesday, Sept. 25, a unique event is taking place that takes democracy to a whole new level. It's called "National Voter Registration Day" and is being supported by hundreds of local and national organizations that simply want to empower the electorate.

Visit http://nationalvoterregistrationday.org/faqs for details on how and where to register to vote in your community.

Your vote is your voice. Make sure your voice is heard.

Kathy Slovick

Founder, organizer

DAWN Voter Advocates



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