Letter to the Editor: Council Ethics Should Include Green Technology

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Letter to editor

Green Naperville’s (Code of Ethics)

Our city council apparently has never heard of recusing themselves when it comes to programs or policies which directly or indirectly enrich them.

Currently we have three members of council who partially make a living representing various alternative green energy services, products or generating electricity. Two others served on committees prior to being council members which created the city’s environmental sustainability plan. Long story short there seems to be a vested interest on their part to turn Naperville green with the city’s tax payers green bucks.

One councilman has recently received a state energy grant for 250k and a matching Federal tax rebate of another 250k on a project worth 850k. It has yet to be determined if is kicking into this project as a FOIA request has not yet been answered.  In addition the electric solar output is four times higher than the electrical grid plan/code seems to allow?  So do we have a competitor with our DPU-E  or will the rates created and approved by this individual be his own reward? (Sell back of surplus electricity)

The smart grid/ meter project is tied directly into this solar grant. Without it, it could not have been approved. There is also a question, why the grantee checked his electrical supplier as ComED?  Other questions which might be asked are, if the consultants who have connections with DOE and the State and which are supervising the project for Naperville played a part in this award?  Did city employees or resources play any part in acquiring this grant? Were appropriate permits acquired? Are the wages being paid according to IL prevailing wage laws? Is OSHA safety for falling and guarding being utilized at the job site?  Are the components manufactured in the states?  Are disadvantaged/minorities sharing in the contract? In short all the other hoops small businesses have to put up with to stay in business. Is this project being treated any different (preferentially) compared to non-connected citizens?

When a sitting government official (s) seems for no good reason to squash citizen involvement and inquiries into the propriety of why huge amounts of money are being spent (smart meters) common sense would dictate something is amiss.

The seemingly incestuous relationship between the green councilmen, the city’s electric group, the consultants and some of the city’s departments would dictate a watchful eye be kept over what is going on here.

Instead of recusing themselves perhaps a sacrificial lamb resignation would be more appropriate to rectify this deplorable situation.

Gerard H Schilling

Naperville, IL






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