Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Peter Roskam

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Peter Roskam for the 6th District

I am eager to elect men and women to Congress that truly want to represent their constituents. Congressman Peter Roskam has been doing just that, fighting to create jobs and put a stop to excessive regulations that are hurting small businesses right here in Illinois. He supports the Red Tape Reduction Act, which would bring relief to businesses here in Illinois that are swamped with burdensome and sometimes unnecessary regulations.  

As a lifelong Illinoisan, Peter has been working hard for the residents of the 6th district in the fight for commonsense economic policies here and across the country. Peter Roskam’s deep Illinois roots have prepared him to fight for your values this upcoming term.

I encourage you to join me in voting for Peter Roskam this November.

Kyle Morgan

Glen Ellyn

Joseph O'Shaughnessy August 17, 2012 at 05:06 AM
Peter Roskam is a Bush-era congressman who voted like a sheep for every Neocon proposal--hands off the banks, hands off polluting regulations, hands off oil industry pollution, plus two wars and three tax cuts that took us from a 5 trillion deficit at the beginning of Bush to a 13 trillion dollar deficit when Obama walked through the door...plus fifteen million unemployed. Why in the world would anyone want to vote for this lobbyist-owned Republican hack politician? The Republican House, with Roskam marching in lock step, has voted down every single jobs bill and the Republican Senate...(why not send good soldier for the rich Roskam there)...has filibustered progressive economic policies to create jobs 257 times since 2009.
Gerard Schilling August 17, 2012 at 10:31 AM
If any of these politicians (both parties) really cared about the tax paying citizens they would sponsor individually or in unison a bill which simple says,” All laws, rules, codes, EOs etc. will apply to the three branches of government and their employees in equal time and severity as effects the common, non-connected, oppressed, tax paying citizen"! To do so would increase their electability or re-electability by 20%. If this were the case most of these crazy, graft and corrupted laws would not exist in the first place and there would be little or no lobbyist!
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