Is Summer Really Over Already?

This editor is going to ignore the sale circulars and focus on enjoying our warmest season and this very moment in time.

Back to school already? I’ve yet to really celebrate summer and apparently it’s almost over.

The sale circulars are all promoting back-to-school items, clothing for kids, dorm stuff for college students. In two weeks students at will be back in the classroom.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

And I still haven’t taken a long weekend break to get away and enjoy the summer fun.

Where does the time go? I’m afraid if I don’t go somewhere soon, I will blow my chance. We will have gone from sweltering heat to cold temperatures. I want to spend some time at the beach before I have to wear fleece again.

As a teen I wanted to do everything NOW! My father would tell me to relax, that I had lots of time to do everything I wanted. Back then it felt that way but now I feel I’m falling behind. I guess it’s easy to feel that way.

Once I was no longer in school, the days seemed to go by faster and faster. As we all know, in reality, time goes by at the same rate.

Maybe it seems that everything is going by so fast because I’m not taking the time to find enjoyment in every moment?

Sometimes it’s hard to find joy in work, especially when I’m on deadline, trying to get things done and have a laundry list of people to e-mail, calls to make and items to check off lists.

Yet my attempt at enjoying every moment is ongoing. I find if I focus on what I am doing right at this very moment, which is writing this column, I am less stressed about everything else I think I have to do.

Because right now the only thing I have to do is this column, nothing else. And, when it’s complete, I will move on to whatever is next in that moment.

Living in the moment makes life much more enjoyable. Because, as the gurus all say, this very moment is all we really have.

I guess I'll ignore the sale circulars telling me it’s back to school and that summer is over. I will plan my weekend getaway and go--when the time it right. Until then I will try to forget about the future and what may happen and enjoy right now.



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