kourture’s “12 Favorite Things of Christmas” ~`~ Day 9 ~`~ Featuring Ionz .FM of the Ionz Media Group serving Worldwide!!

kourture’s “12 Favorite Things of Christmas” ~ Day 9 Featuring Ionz.FM of the Ionz Media Group serving Worldwide!! ~ Sharing, Supporting and Promoting Small Businesses!!

kourture’s  “12 Favorite Things of Christmas” ~ Day 9 Featuring Ionz.FM of the Ionz Media Group serving Worldwide ~ Sharing, Supporting and Promoting Small Businesses!!

kourture is excited to share a treasure that everyone worldwide can enjoy, Ionz.FM from Ionz Media Group, for our 9th Favorite Things of Christmas!! Ionz.FM is a 24 hour online music station that is available to everyone, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and streams live to any electronic device (computer, smart phone, car, etc)!! Filling everyone’s heart and life with music to live, dance and dream by…hence why Ionz.FM call it “The Soundtrack of Life”!!

Ionz.FM is an amazing company owned and operated by Adam Rivera (Owner & Founder of Ionz Media Group) and Multi-Media Engineer Patrick Nader. kourture had the pleasure of meeting them at the Chicago Lollapalooza event this past summer at the after party held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. Between the energy, intelligence and amazing love of passion for what they do….Adam and Patrick are true brilliant masterminds in creating this unstoppable powerhouse company!!

Ionz.FM is global phenomena that is captivating and enhancing the world one beat at a time!! From Chicago to Vegas-New York-San Francisco-Miami-Spain-London- Dubai-Dominican Republic too all around the world…Ionz.FM has the best artists of DJ’s providing the best of the best of music!! From dance, house, pop & top 40 to alternative….this internet radio has all the music that one can dream of!! And with over 22 years of experience as a sound recording engineer / producer, Ionz.FM assures listeners that only top quality material will be broadcast on Ionz.FM!!

You can always keep up with their latest schedule of artists at Ionz.Fm Website or Facebook!! December 2012’s line up is absolutely outrageous with the amazing DJ’s from all around the world…. Dj-Sabrina Terence from Dubai, Mystic Bill from Miami FL, Tyrel Williams from San Francisco, DJLORi in Chicago, Issie Nixon from Ibiza Spain, Johnny D from NYC, Cassandria Daiva from Dominican Republic, Silky from UK London, Deejay Highmaintenance from Los Angeles, Steve Miggedy Maestro from Chicago, Rich Martinez from Chicago & Latin House Music Legend PIZARRO!!!!

The history behind the brilliance….The Ionz Media Group was founded in 2008 by Adam Rivera; and is the premier entertainment organization possessing extensive expertise in the worldwide music, modeling, television, and film industries. From there Adam had a vision to create a 24 hour online music station, providing quality dance music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. He made this a reality with the technical intelligence of business partner Patrick Nader….creating Ionz.FM in 2012. And they are not even close to being done yet with creating greatness….next up Ionz.TV with the release in 2013!! To learn more about the amazing facets of the Ionz Media Group…click on the respective link: Ionz Media Group, Ionz.FM and Ionz.TV.

In conclusion to why kourture absolutely loves the Ionz Media Group for giving the world Ionz.FM is because no matter what time it is or where you are at…you can always have music streaming to any electronic device and enhance your day with the sound of music!! There is no greater mood enhancer than music…so let Ionz.FM fill your life with their “Soundtrack of Life”!!

To contact the Ionz Media Group, Ionz.FM and/or Ionz.TV contact them at:    

Los Angeles |Chicago | Las Vegas {email} bookings @ionzmedia.com {phone} 702.608.0308.  Visit, “Like” and Follow them at Facebook and Twitter to never miss a beat on music, TV and the hottest happenings!! Ionz Media Group Facebook ~ Ionz.FM Facebook ~ Ionz.TV Facebook and follow all the groups on Twitter at Ionz Media Twitter!!

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kourture takes a boutique approach with clients, maintaining strong relationships with an understanding and knowledge of all clients and their products that they represent and promote. 

kourture was established in June of 2012, and Kourtney K. Prendergast is the fashion forward and business creator of kourture.com.  kourture was created on the combined 18 years of experience in management, marketing, customer service, fashion and sales. 

kourture services the suburbs to the chicagoland area with a schedule of Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm; with availability by appointment for Saturday, Sunday and after business hours.

If you would like to connect with kourture and network your business with us, please email us at kourtney@kourture.com or call at 630.362.9857 ~ as we would love to connect, promote and share with you!!

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DJLORI December 20, 2012 at 09:12 AM
While the article is appreciated, I'm insulted by the incorrect spelling of my 26 years as a DJ in Chicago and suburbs. My DJ NAME IS "DJLORi". Perhaps next time, your establishment can double check with our branding names before printing any media source.
DJLORI December 20, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Voicing a statement to an article error that needs correcting regarding a branded name is certainly not to be confused as unappreciative. As stated, I stated my appreciation for the article for the promotions of the the agency of which I represent, and voiced my disapproval for the mistake in the incorrect misspelling of my branded name. Read it closer next time: it's called being professional. I'm not here to argue with anyone in the rights of this statement. I stand corrected.
DJLORI December 20, 2012 at 07:44 PM
I would suggest, next time to not be so presumptious, and assume by one comment placed by a person you know nothing of, but simply understand fully what a person is thinking and trying to accomplishing. It is all in how you read it, also. Not everyone who is online looks to be rude. I simply stated what is rightfully to be said.
kourture December 21, 2012 at 05:32 AM
I would like to thank "DJLORi" and "Tommy O" for sharing your thoughts, as we so appreciate and welcome constructive, professional and helpful advice!! I first would like to thank the AMAZING editor Collin Czarnecki for working with me to correct my unfortunate mistake of incorrectly misspelling "DJLORi's name. I personally know how busy the editors are appreciate the time and effort to help me correct my error!! DJLORi, I truly apologize for creating any insults to your 26 years in the industry. It was never kourture's intention. kourture had wanted to share with the world the greatness and brilliance of the Ionz Media Group; with the highest respect to Mr. Adam Rivera and Mr. Patrick Nader!! Our intentions to share the artists of December 2012 was to only create excitement and promotion for the DJ's and help give them added exposure. We had never wanted to create disappointment or be insulting to any brand, individual or company. kourture strives to create synergy and promote companies and individuals to share exposure and generate positive growth!! With the various "alias's" on social media, it was kourture's error, as we had read through social media (Facebook) the incorrect branding name. http://on.fb.me/Ys0srQ We thank you so very much for correcting us and bringing it our attention. We worked very hard with the editor, Collin Czarnecki, to correct this error in a timely and efficient matter!
Ionz Media Group LLC December 21, 2012 at 06:57 AM
Hello Everyone. I would like to say thank you for all the support in the Success of Ionz Media Group LLC. I also would like to share a thank you to Kourture for taking the time to make the changes in the article. I am very happy with Kourture's thoughts to Involve Ionz Media Group LLC in “12 Favorite Things of Christmas”. We all Wish All a Happy Holiday Season. Sincerely, Adam Rivera CEO Ionz Media Group LLC


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