Gas Guide: Prices Around Naperville

Naperville Patch gives you the rundown on gasoline prices around town and nearby.

Filling up the tank is taking a little less out of the pocketbook, but not much less. Prices in Illinois are stable and the average gallon of gas is about $3.756, according to GasBuddy.com. A barrel of crude oil is $83.560 and the average gallon of gas nationwide is $3.586.

In an effort to help our readers find the best prices around town Naperville Patch shares the cheapest gas prices that can be found in Naperville and nearby. All information is courtesy of GasBuddy.com.

So where is the cheapest gasoline today?


$3.69: Speedway, 3004 Reflection Drive

$3.69: , 1320 S. Route 59

$3.69: , 808 S. Route 59

$3.73: Jewel Express, 2832 S. Route 59

$3.75: , 1290 S. Route 59



$3.74: Thorntons, 2800 W. Ogden Avenue


$3.69: Shell, 11900 S. Route 59


$3.69: 7-Eleven, 1201 Weber Rd




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