Gas Guide: Prices Around Naperville

Naperville Patch rounds up the best gasoline prices in town and nearby.

The rollercoaster ride continues with gasoline prices. Welcome to our Gas Guide as we take a look at prices around Naperville and nearby. All information is courtesy of GasBuddy.com.

Prices around the area are up about a dime from last week. And, prices in Naperville seem to be similar to those in neighboring communities.

Around Naperville

$3.75 1320 S. Route 59 $3.75 808 S. Route 59 $3.79 1304 Plainfield-Naperville Road $3.79 1712 W. Ogden Ave. $3.79 1780 N. Aurora Road


Bolingbrook $3.69 Costco 830 E. Boughton Road Woodridge $3.74 Sam's Club 7430 Woodward Ave. Aurora
$3.76 Marathon 2626 Ogden Ave.






All prices current as of July 6 at 9:45 a.m.


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