What's in the Bag? Shoppers Share Their Finds

Shoppers were out in droves Friday morning looking for — and finding — deals at stores all over Naperville.

On Black Friday, it's no surprise to find parking lots packed with cars and shoppers coming and going in droves to and from Big Box retailers. Friday's single-digit wind chills had those shoppers moving just a bit faster than usual.

Whether it was along the Route 59 corridor or in Downtown Naperville, there were sales galore and shoppers seeking bargains.

Kyle Gibson, of Chicago, and Monica Slonski, of Norridge, were at the Naperville on Friday morning. They came to Naperville to shop specifically at American Sales, but also made a stop at Target.

What was inside their bags? A lot of board games, including Chutes and Ladders. But the best buy of the day at the store, according to Gibson, was his new Black & Decker cordless drill. He was quite pleased to have paid only $20 for it.

"The games were cheap, like $4," Slonski said. "I buy them for a Secret Santa I do with Misericordia."

Katie Akali, of Naperville, her mother Jedi and daughter Nadia also were shopping Target on Friday morning. The items inside Akali's bags were clothing, she said. The best buys she found were for winter wear.

The cold weather didn't deter shoppers such as Beth Liz and her friend Sonali Jayakar, of Naperville, who said they had set out around 4 a.m. The low temperatures brought some trouble for Liz, who said she broke a car door that was frozen.

Despite that setback, the women still found great deals, including new coats and pajamas, and DVDs from Best Buy.

At Target though, Liz was buying "the essentials — nothing too exciting." Inside her bag were toothpaste and a DVD.

Shoppers weren't relegated only to malls or along Route 59.  A number of shoppers could be seen walking with bags in hand around Downtown Naperville.

Sandra Rutkas, of Yorkville, was doing some holiday shopping for herself. She bought a number of items at , including a sweater, suit, camisole and jeans.

"It was 40 percent off the whole purchase," she said.

Another shopper outside the Store said he was just visiting the United States. He said his English wasn't very good. But when asked what he had purchased, he replied: "iPod Touch."

With bags and boxes piled up around them, Donna Lawrence and Sue Massey were waiting for a ride. Lawrence, of Naperville, and Massey, of Kalamazoo, Mich., were buying some items for themselves and some gifts for others. So far they said the day's best deals were at , where clothing was 40 percent off. The women also couldn't resist buying lamps they found at .

With so much loot around them, it was surprising to hear them say that they're hadn't gotten an early start. "We've only been out an hour," they said, laughing.


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