Walmart Stores Ration Ammo as Gun Debate Triggers Rise in Sales

Naperville Walmart joining stores across the country in limiting sales of ammunition to customers, CNN Money reports.

Naperville Walmart, 776 S. Route 59, is joining Walmart stores across the country in limiting sales of ammunition to three boxes per customer, per day, CNN Money reports

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A Walmart employee at the Naperville location confirmed on Thursday that all ammunition sales are currently limited to three boxes per customer. 

"Right now we're monitoring supply issues daily, since supply is limited at this time," Ashley Hardie, a Wal-Mart spokeswoman, told CNN. "We're trying to take care of as many customers as possible and we're working with suppliers to put products back on shelves."

The ration is due to a recent spike in gun and ammunition sales, which have been on the rise since President Barack Obama's reelection in November and the Newtown, Conn. school shooting in December, CNN reports.

Following the tragedy at Sandy Hook, a national debate on gun control has had groups on both sides of the issue rallying their supporters. 

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