Visions for Vacancies: Washington Street

Our series asks readers for ideas, thoughts and opinions on what should fill vacant storefronts in Naperville.

We have a unique Vision for Vacancies this week with the former clothing boutique , which just closed on Saturday, April 21. 


Tucked away in a quaint alley at 236 S. Washington St. Suite 107, A La Mode can be found across from  and behind . This storefront is hard to spot for those walking along Washington Street, or any other nearby street for that matter. But one positive is the store's close proximity to the Central Parking Facility, which is accessible from both Jefferson Avenue and Chicago Avenue.   

With this week's vacancy being "off the beaten path," it's going to take a special type of business or attraction to be successful. We've received some feedback in the past from readers who would like to see an art or music center for children and this could be a possible fit for either of those ideas.  

Keep the ideas flowing, what would you like to see at this downtown Naperville vacancy?

Let Patch know! Share your vision for this Jefferson Avenue vacancy in our comments section.

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Mary Ann Lopez April 26, 2012 at 04:35 PM
This is a quirky location. I wouldn't mind seeing a store that sells bath products, like special soaps and things like that. Kind of more like a L'Occitane.


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