Trainer Takes Golfers' Swings From Slice to Nice

Personal trainer Sharon McGuire offers golfers specialized training programs.

Golfers if you don’t have game and your swing has already swung, a local trainer is ready to help keep you from slicing that ball right into the sand trap. 

Sharon McGuire, a certified personal trainer, is also a certified golf fitness trainer and she is offering personal training programs geared specifically to golfers. 

Understanding the biomechanics of the swing and all of the muscle groups used in the sport, McGuire is able to work with her clients to understand the challenges they face in their game and help them address their weaknesses, McGuire said in a news release.  She works to stabilize muscle groups, improve balance, posture, alignment, range of motion and core conditioning.

“I’m going to work with the muscle groups that help you maximize and mobilize the best swing you could have,” McGuire said in a news release. “It’s a totally different training than general personal training for weight loss or to increase muscle.”

McGuire has more than 20 years experience as a personal trainer. She has been certified for the last three years as a certified as a golf-conditioning instructor with the Titleist Performance Institute. Her clients range from casual golfers to more serious players.

To learn more about McGuire’s training programs, visit her website or call 630-806-6766. McGuire also offers her training services at and .


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