Health Inspection: Boystown Grill Fails, Walmart Examined

Between inspectors popping by the neighborhood's newest grocery store and some “food not protected from contamination," check out the latest health inspections in Lake View.

Patch examined heath inspection reports in Lake View, and a new slew of businesses were examined since our last inspection report.

Information was compiled using publicly available data published to the website of the Chicago Department of Public Health's Food Protection Program.

Restaurants can pass, pass with conditions or fail using a standardized procedure. Establishments that pass don't have any critical or serious vocations. Those that receive 'pass with conditions' had serious violations, but the violations were corrected during the inspection. Failed establishments had serious violations that weren't correctable during the inspection. A fail rating does not mean the business's license is automatically suspended.

All inspections are done on a routine canvass, unless otherwise noted. 

Walmart Neighborhood Market

2844 N. Broadway


  • Health inspectors recently examined the new grocery store in Lake View, and owners were only asked to seal the plaster in a rear storage area for cleaning purposes.

Buena Vista Restaurant

3147 N. Broadway


  • Although this East Lake View restaurant passed its health inspection, the assessor found two problems that needed fixing. First, cooks didn’t have hair restraints on, and second, food containers weren’t stored properly.

Hatsu Hana Japanese Restaurant

3136 N. Broadway


  • Health inspectors passed this Asian restaurant, but noted its bulk food containers weren’t labeled and there wasn’t anything preventing backflow in the ice machine or mop sink. If those problems aren’t fixed by the next inspection, Hatsu Hana could be failed.

Yummy Yummy Asian Cuisine

2901 N. Broadway


  • Inspectors searched every nook and cranny in this popular Asian restaurant and found a few issues owners need to fix. For example, the ceiling had chipping paint and there was too much clutter, like CDs and radio equipment, on the shelves.

Amzi Mediterranean Grill

3113 N. Halsted St.


  • Between a broken cooler that couldn’t keep food cold enough and “food not protected from contamination” because of a missing sneeze guard, inspectors failed this North Halsted restaurant.

Costello’s Sandwiches & Sides

3349 N. Sheffield Ave.


  • How you wash dishes is just as important as how you prep food, so health inspectors asked owners at Costello’s to buy a drainboard for their sink.  Other than that, they passed with flying colors.

Las Tablas on Lincoln

2942 N. Lincoln Ave.


  • Although Las Tablas passed, inspectors found a few things they need to fix. For example, the shelving units in the lower level were in pretty bad shape, and there wasn’t anything stopping drained liquids from flowing back up the pipe at the ice and soda machine.

Papacito’s Mexican Grill

2960 N. Lincoln Ave.


  • Just like Las Tablas, inspectors couldn’t find anything stopping drained liquids from flowing back up the pipe at the ice machine. Other than that, health inspectors found the food containers weren’t stored properly.
Andy Ambrosius February 04, 2013 at 09:48 PM
I live close to Yummy Yummy, so this is good to know. I've been looking for a decent takeout place.


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