Following Legionaires' Scare, Naperville Health Club Hot Tub Re-Opens

The hot tub at an LA Fitness health club in Naperville has reopened after being closed in October after two men who used the spa were diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease — a rare and severe form of pneumonia, according to the Daily Herald. 

The DuPage County Health Department closed the spa facilities on Oct. 23, 2013 and reopened the hot tub on Jan. 10, according to a health department press release. 

Both of the men who contracted Legionaires' disease were hospitalized and subsequently recovered from the disease and have since been discharged, according to the news release. 

Tests done on the facility's hot tub showed returned positive results for Legionnaires' disease while tests done on the health club's pool and showers yielded negative results for the disease, according to the Daily Herald. 

LA Fitness in Naperville worked with the DuPage Health Department and followed state-reommended guidelines for "appropriate remediation followed by clearance testing and continued monitoring," according to the news release. 

"Legionella bacteria are found naturally in the environment, usually in warm water," according to the DuPage County Health Department. "Keeping Legionella 


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