Barnes & Noble Plans to Close 20 Stores Per Year

Since 2003, the bookstore has closed an average of 15 stores annually.

By Chi-an Chang

Barnes & Noble Inc. plans to close 30 percent of its stores, or about 20 stores a year, over the next decade, a top executive with the bookstore told the Wall Street Journal. 

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Mitchell Klipper, chief executive of Barnes & Noble’s retail group, did not provide a list of retail stores that would be closed so there’s no word yet on the future of the Barnes & Noble in downtown Naperville. 

The company is by far the nation’s largest book retailer chain, since the closing of Borders in 2011, and currently has 689 retail stores and 674 college stores, Huffington Post reported. 

What do you think of Barnes & Noble closing stores nationwide? 

Gerard Schilling January 30, 2013 at 02:44 PM
It’s a shame but they suffer the same problem as the post office and libraries with eBooks and emails. The difference is and will be; they will adjust while big government and the wacko liberals will continue to support the government sponsored entities, which are losing billions annually of your money, just to keep their voting blocks and union thugs supporting their causes.
Debra Little Kaye January 31, 2013 at 12:37 AM
This makes me very sad. We are losing our America a little but more each day. Barnes and Noble in Naperville along with the Naperville Library were my favorites hangout a in Naperville. I sure hope they don't close the one on Tamiami in Sarasota.


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