TRAINS – All Aboard Art! Opens Monday at Children's Musem

Exhibit features interactive materials to help visitors explore trains through art.

All Aboard!

Head over to DuPage Children’s Museum Monday for TRAINS – All Aboard Art! Young train lovers can put themselves in the engineer’s seat with an on-board train camera, load cargo onto train cars or design their own tracks at the interactive art exhibit.

Through the exhibit, children will enter one artist’s interpretation of trains by role-playing engineer, passenger or conductor in a child-size train based on cubist artist Gino Severini’s “Red Cross Train.” The style and colors in the painting will be reflected in this play train, as well as in a new model train setting. An engine-mounted video camera provides children with the engineer’s point of view as the train travels this brightly colored cubist landscape. 

“Young children have a special love for trains, and this exhibit will allow them to learn about the different types and uses of trains through expressions of art,” said Marcia MacRae, DuPage Children's Museum’s Interdisciplinary Arts Specialist. “TRAINS – All Aboard Art! builds on exhibits we’ve done in the past by introducing even more opportunities to use art to explore the world of trains.”

Located on the second floor of the Museum, the Interact with Art Gallery exhibit will feature lots of new arts-based learning opportunities, with plenty of interactive features to keep young hands and minds busy as children discover the wonder of train transportation.

The exhibit will also include an eight-foot wide “hidden pictures” mural of artist Don Stewart’s “Steam Train.” Children and adults can work together to find the list of objects that make up the huge locomotive. 

Children also can use “seek and find cards” to search for objects found in a variety of new train art posted on the walls of the exhibit. The artwork and activities are designed to encourage child-adult interaction and conversation, helping to build an appreciation for art while developing creativity and critical thinking skills.


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