Increase in Snake Sightings Reported Around Naperville

Credit: CBS Chicago Video
Credit: CBS Chicago Video
More snakes — and some especially big ones — have been spotted along the Riverwalk and in people's backyards in recent days, according to the Naperville Sun. 

Nancy Quizley of Naperville said she has five or six in her bushes and says they are "twice as big as last year" and "not afraid of me anymore," according to CBS Chicago. 

Another resident snapped a photo of a northern water snake along the river walk this past weekend, CBS Chicago reports. 

The polar vortex forced snakes to hibernate longer — and now they are out and feeding in larger numbers — and recent rains and flooding could have also brought out more snakes, according to the article. 

Read more on the CBS Chicago website

Have you spotted more snakes around Naperville? Tell us when and where in the comments section below. 


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