‘Coldest Air So Far This Winter’ Arrives Tonight; Blizzard Conditions Also Expected

AccuWeather predicts dangerous cold will move back into the area Sunday night. Wind chills may drop to -50 degrees Monday night.

Written by Ted Schnell

The “coldest air so far this winter” is scheduled to arrive tonight after a snowy Sunday leaves a coating of snow, according to AccuWeather.

 A winter weather advisory is in effect until 6 a.m. Monday for Naperville and much of the Chicago area, according to the National Weather Service. More snow was to begin before dawn Sunday thanks to another Albert clipper that moved into the area, AccuWeather says, which predicts 1 to 3 inches of snow by by the time the snowfall diminishes this afternoon.

And, while AccuWeather says winds will be brisk today, driving conditions tonight will become more treacherous due to slick conditions and drifting. Wind gusts could reach up to 45 mph. 

The National Weather Service says there may be some additional snow also this evening and the combination of wind and snow could lead to "blizzard conditions at times … especially in open and rural areas." 

The winds will also drive down wind chills and a wind chill warning will be in effect from 3 a.m. Monday through 9 a.m. Wednesday. Wind chill values could be between -35 to -45 degrees during this period. By Monday night, wind chills could drop as low as -50 degrees, according to AccuWeather.

Check out the full forecast above for Naperville. 

Gerard Schilling January 27, 2014 at 01:30 PM
My kids are grown and I never blamed a teacher for not educating my kids as I always considered it our responsibility(wife) first and foremost to monitor what they were taught, to augment it with our value systems and instructions and insure they were applying themselves in a way which would bring credit to themselves and allow them to survive in a competitive world. As to facts many teacher/administrators are underworked, overpaid and could care less about the welfare of their students. Your own union leaders admit this in their writings, news communications and actions with respect to firing slugs!
Claudine Barnhart January 27, 2014 at 01:53 PM
I'm finished. You'll just believe what you want regardless of the facts. I love people like you, people who only complain. Try to be part of a solution. By the way, no school tomorrow either. Personally, I'm thrilled. I don't want my kids (either my personal kids or my students) standing at the bus stop when frostbite can occur within minutes. I'd much rather sacrifice my summer and go extra days than put the children at risk. That doesn't seem to matter to you. All you care about is that the teachers don't get a day off.
Gerard Schilling January 27, 2014 at 02:19 PM
At least you didn't use the race card only the kids card as the ultimate attempt to stop any legitimate discussion of government policies and programs. Thank you for allowing me my own beliefs as most liberals don't believe other people have any individual rights of thought at all. Peace!
Claudine Barnhart January 27, 2014 at 02:44 PM
Liberal? I'm hardly a liberal. That's pretty judgmental of you to think that all teachers are liberals. Actually, very few of the ones I know are.
Marty Spielman January 27, 2014 at 07:09 PM
If I was paranoid I would be upset too.


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