Best of Craigslist: Music Lessons to 'Annoy Neighbors;' Bulletproof Glass

Check out some of the most interesting posts we were able to find for Naperville, Lisle and Woodridge on Craigslist this past week.

The following items and postings were found on Craigslist for the Naperville, Lisle and Woodridge area. Note: Patch has no control over the status of these posts on Craigslist and how long they remain available.

The Music I Teach Annoys Your Neighbors

People want to learn to play music for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they aspire to rock-stardom, or they just need a new hobby. This Naperville teacher, however, has a different approach: "Learn to Play! Annoy the neighbors!" Bold claim; how does he back it up? Apparently, he's taught in prison (as an employee), taught a guy with one arm and taught at a church camp. Works for me! First lesson is free (the first hit always is...)

Bulletproof Glass is Pricey

Of course, if you annoy the neighbors a bit too much, you might also find this item to come in handy: eight panes of sheer bulletproof glass, going for $500 a pane. Ouch; those lessons just got pricier! But perhaps it's worth it to keep a .44 Magnum slug from taking out your Stradivarius. 

Taxidermied Boar's Awesome Expression

I've seen plenty of taxidermied animals, but never one who looks like he's having a truly absurd laugh at your expense. But this Lisle resident's wild boar's expression—the Internet-savvy might call it a "derp"—is too funny to pass up. Seriously. Click it. Then maybe spend $250 to put it on your wall and laugh at each other all day.

Looking for a Ringer Pitcher

Can you pitch a baseball? Are you near Woodridge, and are you male, and over 30? Want to relive those high school glory days on the mound? This team could use your services to throw a few innings. However, they are asking for your experience, which means there's some discretion involved. So, uh, Cubs pitchers probably need not apply.

Come Home, Kitty!

Leo is adorable! Leo, however, seems to have gotten spooked at the vet (Green Trails Animal Clinic in Lisle) and bolted a couple months ago. This black-and-white kitty is still missing and his owners would really like him to come home. So please send them a message if you're seen the little fuzzy guy.

Vintage Empties for Sale

Beer-lovers might be disappointed to find out that this cube (30 cans) contains no actual booze, but given it's all from the 70's, face it, it probably would have gone flat by now. Each can in the Naperville collection is unique and "valued anywhere between $3 and $10." And here I thought the most a beer can was worth was 10 cents in California.


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