Intention Circle Sunday Aug 15 1.30

(Reprinted from The Intenders Handbook)

The friendly multi-step format listed below is the one that we use in our Intention Circles today. It is this unique format that has made the Intenders so successful.

 1. Blessing of Food
2. Potluck (bring a dish to share)
3. Explanation of the Intention Process to Newcomers
4. The Intention Circle (have your intentions ready)
5. Break (more eating and socializing)
6. Spiritual Guidance
The Intention Process Information
(Reprinted from The Intenders Handbook)

• Our thoughts create our experiences
• Saying our intentions out loud focuses our thoughts
• There is power in the spoken word
• Positive thoughts bring positive experiences
• Negative thoughts bring undesired experiences
Elevated Delights intuitive Arts Training Center
1701 Quincy Ave Unit 30 Naperville Il
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