"Here at BMT they help you realize your potential in all aspects of life."

"BMT has helped me, and the obvious ways are physical; I can do reps of push-ups (never would've imagined that). I'm stronger, more flexible, I don't have random back pains when I wake up, I have energy to play with my kids when I'm home with them. I recently raced my 7 year old from one end of our block to the other. Within 3 months of training at BMT I was able to stop taking 2 blood pressure medications. I didn't expect working out at BMT to help my mental strength, but it has exponentially! With a naturally anxious personality it's easy to get overwhelmed with daily chores, deadlines at work, appointments, kids practices, PTA meetings etc. At BMT they teach "One Rep at a Time." This teaching has spilled into the rest of my life. No longer am I overwhelmed with the whole staircase of my day... I just focus on one. rep. at. a. time! Instead of rushing through my day to just get it over with, I'm learning to do something else I have learned at BMT.. "Don't just get through it, get something from it."

BMT is like my own personal safe haven. The atmosphere and my experience here has been nothing short of therapeutic. It's a place where I'm encouraged to be the best "ME" possible. I'm encouraged to keep pushing myself because I'll never know what I'm capable of until I try. I call it therapeutic because at BMT they help you realize your potential in all aspects of life!"

-Beyond Measure Training Member Angel Walker.

600 Industrial Dr. Naperville, IL. 60563.

(630) 357-9600



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