Blessing Circle Tuesday Aug. 20 1pm & 7pm

Oneness Deeksha Circles
These circles and the energy facilitations are an invitation to an inner source of stillness, strength and divine grace as an added resource for living our lives.

These experiences invite us to internal and external wellness and well-being – inviting us to first, internal peace/ peace within ourselves, and then to peace among ourselves - a true awakening to living, being who we truly are.

Bring the names of your friends & family that you'd like to receive the blessing & we will add them to our 'Blessing Bowl'

 We will begin the meditation approx. 5 minutes past the hour, and placing a "do not disturb" sign on the door. Please make sure you are on time so you can join the meditation.
Elevated Delights Intuitive Arts Training Center
1701 Quincy Ave Unit 30 Naperville Il


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